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Name (or alias): kelsey.
Age: 16 years and 9 months.
Sex: female.
Location: kenhorst, pennsylvania.
Picture link: which one.

Instant messenger(s): oh no saidhe
Website/blog other than LJ: private.

Music preferences: alternative, folk-rock, indie rock, post-rock, emo (for real.), hardcore, hip-hop and occasionally some sublime/earth, wind and fire.
Favorite band(s): american football, explosions in the sky, red hot chilli peppers, braid, wilco, jimmy eat world.
Female artist(s): mirah, regina spektor.
Male artist(s): elliott smith, sufjan stevens, owen, rocky votolato.
Song(s): "never meant" - american football, "motorcycle drive-by" - third eye blind, "reccomendation" - mirah, "405 (acoustic)" - death cab.
Album(s): american fooball - ep, elliott smith - either/or.
Soundtrack(s): The Royal Tenenbaums, Grey's Anatomy.
Concerts/Shows: spice girls, explosions in the sky. upcoming: death cab, and red hot chilli peppers.

Choice media player [PC]: winamp.
Music player [otherwise]: stereo.

Are you a musician?: no.
Instrument(s): guitar.
Band name (if any): nope.

Book(s): extremely loud and incredibly close, everything is illuminated, the perks of being a wallflower, requiem for a dream, a tree grows in brooklyn, on the road, the dharma bums, howl : a collection of poems, naked lunch.
Movie(s): forrest gump, dead poet's society, goodbye, lenin!, europa, american grafitti, 8 1/2, the chumscrubber, thumbsucker, anything by wes anderson.

Three words to describe yourself: punctual, unorganized, paradox.
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