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Up until a few weeks ago I had very little faith in the stuff thats been coming out recently. None of my friends have had anything to recommend to me, which is rare because pretty much all we do all day is name drop on each other. We had to start talking about stuff like school and emotions, it kinda freaked me out.
Then I decided to pick up the new copy of DIW, which had the first profile on the Kinsella family that Ive ever seen. It also had a small clip about an up and coming band called Annuals which intrigued me. I downloaded their new (and only) album and havent stopped listening to it since. Its the best thing ever! If Animal Collective and The Arcade Fire had a love child, this it what it would sound like. They are a very young band, they're all about my age, but im trying to figure out why they arent the biggest band ever. If you do nothing else, download the song "brother" off their album Be He Me, it will blow your mind.
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