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farewelldeadair's Journal

Farewell, dead air !
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farewell, dead air !
a music community for you hardcore enthusiasts

a silver mt. zion, a.c. newman, acoustic guitar, alternative, american football, andrew bird, animal collective, apples in stereo, architecture in helsinki, be your own pet, beck, beirut, belle and sebastian, ben folds, ben gibbard, bloc party, books, bright eyes, broken social scene, built to spill, cocorosie, coldplay, death cab for cutie, deerhoof, do make say think, eagle*seagull, elliott smith, experimental, explosions in the sky, folk, franz ferdinand, fugazi, godspeed you! black emperor, gregory and the hawk, guavas, incubus, indie, indie folk, indie pop, indie rock, instrumental, iron & wine, islands, jens lekman, jimmy eat world, johnathan rice, johnny cash, jon mclaughlin, kasabian, kings of convenience, last.fm, mates of state, mirah, modest mouse, mono, muse, music, neutral milk hotel, oasis, of montreal, oh no! oh my!, our lady peace, pavement, pelican, pinback, pixies, pop rock, post-rock, radiohead, red hot chili peppers, regina spektor, rilo kiley, rock, ryan adams, shakira, sigur ros, sleater-kinney, sonic youth, stars, sufjan stevens, sunny day real estate, teagan and sara, thao nguyen, the album leaf, the arcade fire, the beatles, the constantines, the cure, the decemberists, the fiery furnaces, the flaming lips, the honorary title, the mobius band, the mountain goats, the new amsterdams, the new pornographers, the shins, the smiths, the subways, the unicorns, they might be giants, thunderbirds are now!, tilly and the wall, tom lehrer, weezer, wilco, yeah yeah yeah's, yo la tengo, your face