amy stafford (a_my) wrote in farewelldeadair,
amy stafford

Name (or alias): amy
Age: 16
Sex: female
Location: santa fe, new mexico
Picture link: jdfwd341j

Instant messenger(s): aim = damnomand0 charliedontsurf
Myspace: feargreedperversionsvices
Website/blog other than LJ:, if that counts

Music preferences: punk rock, indie rock, folk-punk, 80s hardcore, post-rock... depends
Favorite band(s): a silver mt. zion, against me!, the clash, fugazi, madeline adams, mono, defiance ohio
Female artist(s): madeline adams, erin tobey
Male artist(s): mischief brew, paul baribeau
Song(s): many...
Album(s): london calling, start today, vivada vis, broken social scene s/t, the spell, kissing and dancing, the mechanical hand, in on the kill taker, 24 hour revenge therapy, left and leaving, etc...
Soundtrack(s): the harder they come
Concerts/Shows: mono/pelican tour may 06... fucking amazing.

Choice media player [PC]: windows media player, or whatever the default is.
Music player [otherwise]: i have some obscure brand of mp3 player, i love my record player, and i have a good sony cd player, but i usually listen to most of my music in the car

Are you a musician?: i guess you could call it that
Instrument(s): guitar
Band name (if any): boy without balls, we're a joke band and just kind of make fun of everyone

Book(s): a clockwork orange, solipsist, the log from the sea of cortez, life of pi, the old man and the sea, white noise, faith and the electric dogs
Movie(s): i hardly ever watch movies

Three words to describe yourself: quiet, awkward, awesome
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what's the weather like in new mexico?
it's been cloudy and raining every day, unusually enough. sometimes it feels like florida.
eelgh, that sucks! i hope the weather improves =)
yeah me too. i mean, we really did need the rain because last winter was really really dry. it's gotten really green. but it is kind of depressing.
Ooooooh, Mono, Pelican, and A Silver Mt. Zion. Eeeexcellent. I am [finally] just getting into Fugazi.
fugazi is great. i highly recommend in on the kill taker and the furniture e.p.